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VIDEO AND PHOTOS: Police Recap of the Armon HaNatziv Shooting/Stabbing Attack


The following recap of the Armon HaNatziv shooting/stabbing attack on board an Egged bus is provided by an Israel Police spokesman.

The bus driver stopped and opened the doors of the bus to permits passengers to run for their lives after the terrorists ran towards the driver, closed the doors, and continued striking out at passengers. A police patrol from the Kedem station arrived shortly and with border police, their identified the terrorists on the bus, firing at them, thereby neutralizing them. One of the terrorists was killed and the second seriously wounded.

The terrorists murdered two and wounded nine people, some seriously. Jerusalem Police Chief Moshe Edri praised the quick and professional response from security personnel.

The ISA spokesman adds:

The attack was perpetrated by 23-year-old Baha Ilan, a resident of Jabil Mukhaber who is aligned with Fatah, who is known for extremist statements in the past. He was shot and killed. Another Jabil Mukhaber resident took part in the attack, a Hamas terrorist imprisoned in Israel during 2013-2014.

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(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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