Levaya for Second Armon HaNatziv Terror Victim at 5:00 PM


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candle98.thumbnailThe second person killed in the terror attack on Tuesday on board an Egged number 78 bus on Jerusalem’s Olei HaGardom Street  is Alon Guverg HY”D.

His levaya is set for Wednesday evening 1 Cheshvan at 17:00 in Givat Shaul. Zaka is calling on the tzibur at large to attend the levaya as the niftar does not have any family.

Also killed in that attack was 78-year-old Chaviv Chaim HY”D.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Urgent!

    We are going to the levaya and need to know asap… where is it exactly?? Har Hamenuchot?
    Please post right away if possible…