Shooting Incident Near the Shar Binyamin Shopping Center in the Shomron [UPDATED 10:31AM IL]


ywnisrael.israel10:09: Emergency responders are enroute to the Shar Binyamin shopping center in the Binyamin Regional Council of the Shomron after receiving reports of a shooting at the sentry post. The shopping center is home to many stores including a large Rami Levi supermarket. More to follow.

10:15: The sentry apparently fired warning shots in the air to compel a suspicious vehicle to stop. The driver reportedly fled and a chase is taking place.


10:18: Someone fired in the air at or near the location after seeing a vehicle with Israeli license plates drive by with an Arab driver at the wheel. In fact, it appears the shots were fired at the turnoff from Route 60 to the Alon Road, a short distance from the Shar Binyamin center.

It is unclear if the person who fired felt that vehicle posed a threat.
Authorities are checking into the matter. There are no injuries.

10:31: A policeman fired, apparently in connection with a stolen car. The incident is not in any way terror related.
(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)