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Elbaum Family Denies Statements Attributed to Them Regarding Har Habayis

elbIt was reported by YWN-ISRAEL and others that following a loud protest against the family of R’ Yosef Elbaum, a Belze-affiliated family, for visiting Har Habayis, the Elbaums told officials in the chassidus they will refrain from this during this difficult security situation. The protest was arranged by an extremist element of the frum community, calling on the Elbaums to refrain from visiting Har Habayis, which the overwhelming majority of the chareidi community feels is prohibited.

The bottom line is on Tuesday morning 14 Cheshvan the statements distributed to the media in the name of the Elbaums were proven false for R’ Elbaum was on Har Habayis as has been his custom in recent years. Actually, Elbaum told the press on Tuesday that pashkavilim, rocks and being spat at will not prevent him from visiting Har Habayis.






(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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