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Police to Har Habayis Activist: Stay Away from Shar Shechem, Too Dangerous

hPolice have instructed a Har Habayis activist to refrain from making his way to the Kosel via Shar Shechem and Chaggai Street in the so-called Muslim Quarter because this route is too dangerous. This was told to Gilad Hariri by detectives who refused to identify themselves when he asked them to do so. They explained to him the orders came from higher up.

Hariri said “I do not know what authority you have to detain me but you do not have the authority to tell me to stay away from Shar Shechem”. His attorney, Itamar Ben-Givir called on police to arrest those who pose a danger to his client rather than telling Hariri to use a different route to the Kosel. He calls on police to “do their jobs” and stop harassing innocent people.

It is added that Gedolei Yisrael throughout the generations have ruled one may not visit Har Habayis. This is the ruling of Gedolei Yisrael today as well, in addition to being the position of the Chief Rabbinate of Israel.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. There is no reason to waste valuable security personnel protecting this zealot who seems intent on deliberately putting himself (and the security forces) in danger. He is right that police have no right to tell him where he may walk but don’t expect the police to come running when some terrorist with a knife……

  2. I don’t understand what he is thinking?!
    they are telling him for his own good to keep away from danger. It doesn’t make a difference who it comes from…

    If chalila something happens to him, he will be considered as suicidal in Halachic view

  3. please explain to me for how long iwill it be iassur to go up to Har habyis? we have to build the beis hamikdash, will it be mutur then? Where in the Torah does it say we must wait until moshiach to do any beis hamikdash related mitzvot, which number over 200. Shouldn’t the gedolim be investigating possible solutions so we can ascend har habayis? Is har habyit with the beit hamikdash not the tachlis of our religion?

  4. Police do not have to protect those who davka walk into the lions den, let them take care of themselves. Police should not be put at risk cuz of some nutty individuals

  5. So the Gedolim have no jurisdiction telling him to not go on the Har HaBayis and the police have no jurisdiction trying to get him to protect his own safety. Meanwhile, Jews elsewhere are being endangered in part because of these activists. These Har HaBayis activists are not about Hashem or about Torah. Torah permits a Jew to violate most Torah mitzvos, including Shabbos and Kashrus, to save a life that is even questionably in danger. Yet these activists take it on themselves to risk their safety and that of other Jews to go on the Har HaBayis, something Torah would never contemplate even if there were a fully established Beis HaMikdash and the halachos of taharah were all in place. There is no question that the Arab murderers have richly earned the most everlasting hell. But why do supposedly “religious” Jews insist of doing something that provides them the pretext they’re looking for to do it?!

  6. Are The Temple Activists the Sicarri of Otday? In THe Gemarah it says during the First War against Rome the Romans had Jerusalem surrounded and under siege and the rabbis wanted to make pace to save lives and the future and Sicarii Fanatics wanted war at all costs forcing their decision on the public. Are these Mount Activists These Sicarii of TOday!! IS THE BLOOD OF EVERY INNOCENT Man, Woman and child from the past many days On Their Hand!! The Moslem Chant is That This is For Al Aqsa! And Most Rabbis Say It is KAREIS (or Kareit) to Go on HAr habayis (without Para Aduma and Tveila) So What is Going On! What about Har Hazaeism where it is a Strategic Hilltop and ancient Jewish cemetery with constant Arab vandalism – why not send People THERE!! (its NOT Karet – Kareis There!

  7. They were instructed him to use a different route to go to the Kotel. He cares more about the “cause” than his own family.

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