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VIDEO AND PHOTOS: Hundreds of Police Involved in Raid Against Major N. Israel Arms Dealers


During a police raid during the night (Sunday to Monday) of 20 Cheshvan in northern Israel, police arrested 22 people involved in weapons trafficking. Police report they purchased 19 different weapons. A search during the raid revealed money and ammunition.

Police from the N. District took part in the raid including Yassam commandos and border police. The raid is the result of a six-month undercover operation during which an agent infiltrated the weapons trafficking operation. Arrested were residents of the Israeli Arab community of Tamra, Gush Chalav, Gisar Azarka, Neurah, Nin, Ossifeyeh, Um el-Fahm and Afula.

Police explain over 300 police personnel arrived during the predawn hours. After the briefing they entered the premises and made the arrests. The suspects range in age from 20 to 40-years-old. The engaged in weapons trafficking for profit and purchased handguns, shotguns, M-16s, Uzis, Carl Gustav, and stun grenades.

NIS tens of thousands in cash was confiscated too along with five vehicles, ammunition, and a substance believed to be drugs.

Northern District Police Chief Zohar Dvir praised his troops for a successful operation and restoring personal security to people in the area. The suspects were arraigned in the Nazareth Magistrate Court on Monday morning at 10:00AM.

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(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem / Photos: Police spokesman)

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