Police in Yerushalayim Arrest Heads of Yeshivos And Kollelim for Questioning


mishIsrael Police on Sunday morning 10 Kislev raided the homes and offices of a number of principals of talmidei torah, yeshivos and kollels along with heads of NGOs and money changers.

Among those taken into custody are well-known figures in the chareidi community who are suspected of white collar crimes including money laundering.

A number of people were questioned by authorities last week in connection to the case and then released.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Marc, I honestly do not understand. There are authorities whose job is to examine these things and these authorities are not related to the current defense situation. I am glad they are doing their job and if the arrested parties are guilty or innocentso be it.

  2. Money Laundering & fraud is a crime. Yes there are always on-going investigations in all criminal fields.

    Investigations re bldg codes, school curriculums, auto emissions safety, price gouging, drug trafficking, & money stealing by ghost schools are not ALL CLOSED DOWN due to horrible terror attacks in the country.