Obama Meeting With Advisers on Security Threats After Paris


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obanPresident Barack Obama will brief the public on the nation’s homeland security posture heading into the holiday season.

Obama will speak from the White House after meeting with his national security team in the Situation Room.

The White House has said there is no credible and specific intelligence indicating a plot in the U.S. similar to the deadly Nov. 13 attacks in Paris. However, the White House says Obama wanted to review efforts to monitor threats and evaluate security procedures heading into the busy holiday travel season.



  1. #1: Well, obviously you thought wrong, because we were not told that by neither Kerry nor the President.

    You need to cure your Obama Dysfunction Syndrome, and try to think more rationally.

  2. to shazam

    “because we were not told” Who are “we”? Obama Worship Brigade? Looks like you are not listening to your Dear Leader. This was the only theme we heard in the media from Obama, Kerry and Hilary’s mouth for the last two weeks concerning security challenges facing the world. You need to get yourself out of Obama bunker and live in the real world.