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Pig Foot Left Hanging from Gerrer Shtieble in Arad

20151126100109Mispallalim of a Gerrer Shtieble in Arad were horrified when they arrived on Wednesday, finding a large pig’s leg hanging over the front door. An official complaint was filed with police.

Gabbaim indicate they haven’t any idea who would perpetrate such a heinous act. Police are investigating.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

6 Responses

  1. While this is clearly inappropriate and a very bad joke (if that was the intent)it still doesn’t rise to the level of significance of a “heinous act” according to the gabboim of this shtieble. Sadly, there are many more significant incidents the past few weeks that should be of much greater concern.

  2. …probably some drunk teenagers.
    It should have just been taken down by the 1st person who arrived in the morning and not say anything to anyone.

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