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PHOTOS: Shachris at Gush Junction in Memory of Terror Victim Yaakov Don HY’D



Gush Etzion residents on Thursday 14 Kislev davened shachris at Gush Etzion Junction, explaining the special tefilla event was in memory of terror victim Yaakov Don HY”D, the Alon Shvut resident murdered in an Arab terror attack at the junction a number of days ago.

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(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem/Photos: Tzachi HaKohen, Medabrim Tikshret)

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  1. Rav Don Hy”d was a real Talmid Chochom, a Baal Midos, an Oyhev Sholom and Roydef Sholom, an Oyheyv Es haBriyos and was mekarev many yidden especially young students to Torah and observance in Canada he held countless shabbosim and shiurim where he imbued his Talmudim with the warmth and emesdikeh brenn of yiddishkeit. His home was opened and his seyver ponim for everyone was exemplary.

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