Moroccan King Honored Posthumously for Protecting Jews During WWII


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k(JNS) King Mohammed V of Morocco was honored by KIVUNIM: The Institute for World Jewish Studies on Sunday for protecting 250,000 Jews during World War II. His granddaughter, Princess Lalla Hasna received on his behalf the inaugural Reverend Martin Luther King Jr.-Rabbi Abraham Heschel Award at the B’nai Jeshurun congregation in New York City.

In the early 1940s, Jews were protected from discrimination and annihilation from pro-Nazi Vichy forces, when Morocco was under French rule.

“We are living at a time and in a world in which the collective imagination of our societies is too often impaired, not to say poisoned, by regression and archaism. By capitalizing on the depth and resilience of the legacy left by my revered grandfather His Majesty Mohammed V, we can, together, set out to recover the lost expanses of reason and mutual respect which have vanished from many parts of the world,” André Azoulay, royal advisor to King Mohammed VI read in a speech on behalf of the current king.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. The only Axis-occupied country in which the Jewish community survived in one peace was Finland (which as an allied, rather than occupied, country had the option of outright refusal when asked to support the holocaust).

    It should be noted that the zionist historians are quite embarassed by the fact that the only country that refused the Germans, and protected a substantial Jewish community, in spite of being occupied, was led by an Arab.

  2. LOL, #1,
    It’s you, the arch anti-Zionist who should be embarrassed by
    1) Your convoluted 2nd paragraph which makes no sense.
    2) So in the Zionist era, an Arab who actually protects thousands of Jews, belies the claim of the fanatical anti-Zionist that Zionism caused Arab hatred.
    3)When are you guys going to stop obsessing over a reality that eats at your guts because it shakes your religious beliefs?

  3. Akuperma is, in fact, correct in both paragraphs! While others’ opinions might be highly irritated by him, facts are facts.
    It should be noted that the rejection of Zionism does not mean hatred of fellow Jews חס ושלום. It is the Zionists who portray themselves as hated.
    #2 seems to forget what happened in Morocco in 1948 and that aliyah was banned in 1956.