Fatal Shooting Incident in the S. Hebron Hills Near Metar Checkpoint [UPDATED 8:44AM IL]



08:16: A vehicle traveling in the Southern Hebron Hills area near the Metar Checkpoint was hit with gunfire a few minutes ago. According to a preliminary Zaka report, one person has been seriously wounded. More to follow.

08:27: It appears an Israeli has been critically wounded by gunfire and a second person was lightly wounded, apparently in a different vehicle.

08:34: An Arab male was critically wounded by gunfire in what police report appears to be a non-terror related shooting incident or possibly terror and the wounded man was mistaken for a Jewish vehicle.

08:38: The wounded man has died of his injuries.

08:44: The shooting was an honor killing to avenge the death of a woman last week.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)