Bombs And More Discovered in Shar Shechem Area Falafel Stand


mishtPolice on Monday, 16 Teves, found pipe bombs and more in the yard of a Ras el-Amud home and a falafel stand on Sultan Suleiman Street near Shar Shechem. In the courtyard of the home six pipe bombs were found along with a stun grenade, pistol, magazines and ammunition.

At the falafel stand, authorities found two pipe bombs, magazines and ammunition. The owner of the stand, a resident of the Shimon HaTzaddik (Wadi Joz) area of the eastern capital was taken for questioning.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Taken for questioning. a video of some orthodox stabbing a picture is a crime worthy of administrative torture. 3 Pipe bombs, a grenade pistol (that’s a fully supplied terrorist!) gets a “questioning”……..Only in “democratic” …..