TERROR: Dafna Meir HY’D Murdered In Front Of Her 3 Children Inside Her Otniel Home; Terrorist Flees Scene; Manhunt Launched



38-year-old Dafna Meir H”YD was stabbed to death by a Palestinian terrorist inside her home in the Otniel settlement, located just outside of Hebron.

The brutal attack happened on Sunday evening.

According to a statement by the IDF, the terrorist broke into her home and stabbed her to death.

Magen David Adom Paramedics, along with Hatzalah Volunteers rushed to the home, but were unable to do anything other than pronounce her dead.

It appears that Dafna H”YD tried to fight off the terrorist while he stabbed her repeatedly as her three young children watched in horror.


A massive manhunt has been launched, with hundreds of IDF Soldiers and police setting up checkpoints in the surrounding areas.

Multiple IDF Choppers are overhead, firing flares to light up the sky for ground forces as they continue the search.

Additionally, local residents were being told to remain in their homes until further notice.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. T err i le! Horr i ble!
    Why aren’t Israelis armed & trained?
    Care-nothing government.
    OK give them The PM’s house & property, maybe
    they’ll stop murdering us.
    Take off your ‘yarmulkas’ Israelis, stop living in a religious setting…take off your ‘mezuzot,’ stop identifying as Jews.
    Perhaps this is what The Israeli Govt. really wants?

  2. BDH… They will find & kill the murderer & then he will be given a heros burial.
    Meanwhile Hamas is holding the bodies of 2 of our soldiers.
    Go figure !

  3. In December I started an online petition to JEWISH groups to WAKE UP and NOT BE SILENT. I just emailed the petiton and signatures and their comments to Agudah, OU, ADL, UJA, JNF, ZOA, AJC and AIPAC. I wonder if I will get any response. Of course our main focus should be prayers to Hashem and Teshuva and Torah and this was the required Hishtadlus as well.

  4. I know this is a sensitive time for the family and nobody should ever have this happen nor deserve to have this happen but I also don’t think anyone here can accuse the government of ant wrongdoing or lack of security…this family chose to live in this neighborhood and knew the risks…again I am not saying anyone deserves this but if someone were to walk into Harlem with a sign that says I hate blacks then Noone has a right to scream at anyone else if something happens….boruch dayan emes.