Photo Essay: Protest Outside Swiss Embassy In London Against Destruction Of Medieval Jewish Cemetery In Zurich (Photos By JDN)


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  1. stop with this nonsense….
    the bes din in zurich as been dealing with this issue for 8 years now and just for politics making a big chilul hashem….. Raw Breisch and all the other rabbonim are deeply involved in the issue and it only creates bad press for the jewish people when the local newspaper is stating that 150 so called rabbis are protesting infront of the swiss embassy while the local rabbis have been working with the local officials for 8 years about this issue and wondering what is going on….. why is theyeshivaworld not posting the letter from all the rabonim signed from switzerland instead of this ludicrous pictures

    Moderators Note: Ummm….YWN did….more than 24 hours ago….

  2. These poor guys even needed someone who holds to speech because these nebech’s dont know proper englisch or no english at all.

    It would be appreciated if These guays would have asked the Rabbonim of Zurich first before making a protest!
    But as we all know brain (Zechel) you cannot buy.. Better to make a Chillul Hashem!! Idiots!!

  3. Probably posting the photos of these losers constitutes loshon hora. Everyone there is either a mevaze talmidei chachomim or a brainless follower of the one.

    You have a town with choshuve rabonnim all working together to deal with a possible issue. The Swiss government were happy to comply and even allow a representative on site at any time without notice. Everything was under control.

    This has now all been prejudiced by a bunch of fools with microphones.

    So if your mugshot appears on these photos… Bury your head in shame!