German Chancellor Merkel: Anti-Semitism is More Significant than We Imagined


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nnaGrowing anti-Semitism in Germany has prompted that country’s leader to call for “intensive action” to combat it. German Chancellor Angele Merkel on Shabbos commented on the growing anti-Semitism in her country, admitting it is “more widespread than we imagined”. She made her comments during the inauguration ceremony for “The Art of the Holocaust” exhibition in Berlin.

Merkel spoke of the need to address “youth from countries where hatred of Israel and Jews is more widespread”, citing there are anti-Semitic attacks in schools and other venues.

She explained that education and reason must be used as weapons in the battle but there must also be clear limits amid the message there is no room in German society for anti-Semitism.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)