VIDEO AND PHOTOS: Seven Arrested After Kikar Shabbos Protest


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Once again it was a familiar scene in Kikar Shabbos, Tuesday afternoon, as a Hafganah was started followed by arrests, and naturally followed by the screams of “Nazi”.

The group of around ten people were protesting the arrest of two Chareidim who were reportedly taken into custody on Monday for failing to show up an an IDF Induction Center.

As can be seen in the attached video, a group of men held the impromptu protest in the middle of the day, as they sat down in the center of the street, bringing the busy intersection to a screeching halt.

Buses were forced to let off their passengers, who were trying to make it home before a predicted storm hit the area.

As is expected, the Israel Police responded and after asking the demonstrators to get up and move, were forced to physically remove them and arrest seven protesters.

The usual screams of “Nazi” and “Shiksa” were used as Police removed the demonstrators.

The street was reopened to pedestrian and vehicular traffic shortly after.

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(Eli Schwartz – YWN)



  1. And this is the behaviour of frum people? How dare they say “Nazi” – had they been alive when the Nazis were around they would have been shot on the spot. And as for “shiktze” to someone merely doing their job, no wonder some of these frei people hate the chareidim. They obviously don’t take shemiras negia too seriously either as they are putting themselves in the position of being led away in between 2 policewomen.

  2. Oy Gevalt, to strand fellow yidden on their way to learn/work/home because you have nothing better to do. Oy Gevalt, to collect for heating your home when you leave yidden stranded in the freezing cold waiting by a bus stop. Oy Gevalt to use Hashem’s Rachamim in not sending our Bnei Torah to the Army as a Banner to broadcast Chillul Shem Shamayim Bifarhesia. Oy Gevalt for your only ‘Eis Laasos’ to mingle with the outside world is to flash your lack of Nosei B’ol of their schedules and time. Oy Gevalt to express your views with damaging one of the few servuces you enjoy and rely on so heavily. I have a secret: you’ve long ago convinced us you are NOT, who you convinced yourselves to be.

  3. There’s guilt on both sides.

    How come the police invariably send female cops along to these demonstrations?

    They’re trying to be a little ‘in your face’?

  4. They send the females probably so the frummer move before they are moved by the female. Anyway its a disgrace for frum yidden to behave the way they do. Im embarrassed to be apart of klal yisroel

  5. Who is in’whose face’?

    Did u mean the demonstrators are in the face of the frum residents of Geulah & causing agmas NEFESH to all??

    If you don’t fill out papers at induction center, you will be arrested. Elementary “cause & effect”.

  6. Here we go again. Bored yerushalmis having nothing to do with their lives so they go do this. It would be better for their yiddishkeit to go work than to “learn” (aka do nothing)

  7. looks like this people that leaving comments on this post didnt have the יידישע געפיל this people are protesting for violating the torah (at least in their mine) and about be arrested via female police if its worth that need to be asked for a dayan

  8. some people think that just because they have peyos down to their kishkes, they are holer than thou and can do what ever and say what ever they want.