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Gaza Border Community Residents: We Hear Hamas Digging Tunnels

tunA growing number of residents of Gaza border communities report they hear “digging” and they are certain that Hamas is continuing efforts to rebuilt terror tunnels.

The IDF is not panicking over these reports and while officials explain they investigate reports of “digging”, the military continues to monitor activities along the border and they are certain that today, after the IDF destroyed the tunnels in Operation Protective Edge, there are no tunnels within kilometers of Jewish community.

It is pointed out that in one past case in which a resident was absolutely certain that Hamas digging was taking place, Homefront Command officials were able to check and determine that the “digging” was the vibration of a neighbors air conditioning unit about 50 meters from the home.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. These animals are digging their own graves. In the final battle they will run to hide in their tunnels and the earth will swallow them up. Fear not.

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