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Reform And Conservative Movements Call on PM Netanyahu to Censure MK Gafne for Calling Reform Jews ‘Clowns’

gafneAfter the cabinet on Sunday, 21 Shevat, decided to permit a egalitarian prayer area near Robinson’s Arch, Knesset Finance Committee Chairman Moshe Gafni responded saying the Reform Jews are “clowns” and that “there will never, ever be recognition for this group of clowns, not at the (Kosel) Wall and not anywhere else.”

There are now calls from American Jews affiliated with the Reform and Concretive Movements for PM Netanyahu to censure Gafne, who they explain is a representative of the Netanyahu government, asking the Prime Minister to clearly distance himself from Gafne’s remarks, which they view as bigoted.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. כל הכבוד
    Those crybabies don’t like when they hear the truth.
    In the USA no one ever fights against the “charter” of a Shul. כל שכן the Kosel shouldn’t have to compromise.
    Yes, before ’48 there were women at the (north side of the) Kosel, but it been separate since ’67.
    They are acting like clowns. Let them have a taste of Chutzpah, just as they’re doing!

  2. Chairman Gafne is right. According to the Left, I’m surprised they don’t let all the goyim have a place for their religions at the Kosel, chas v’sholom. The conservatives and reforms are erev rav. What they practice is not yiddishkeit and has nothing to do with the Torah and its mitzvos. I for one, am extremely annoyed that why do these irreligious people have to have their so called “rights.” I’m an Orthodox religious person and I also am deserving of my “rights” and I don’t want these fake imposters (reforms and conservatives) taking their man-made “religion” of a 100-200 years or so, and imposing their fakery on our true heritage and mesorah that’s lasted the Orthodox Jews for thousands and thousands and thousands of years. If it was up to the conservative and reform, there would be no more Jews in the world, chas v’sholom, because they would all have intermarried by now.

  3. He is correct. They are provocateurs, nothing more. They do not pray nor keep Shabbos, but demand an area for no other reason than to make a point.

  4. The Reformers and Conservatives have wreaked havoc on the Jewish nation and now they want to import their terrible ideology to Israel.

    Thank you Mr. Gafne for saying it as it is, and I hope the other frum people in the Israeli government end up defeating these people who want to mess up the Jewish nation.

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