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PA Opposes Egalitarian Prayer Area Near the Kosel

koselAs the Reform and Conservative Movements hail the agreement to provide an egalitarian prayer area near the Kosel, and as the chareidim explain away their lack of defiance to the cabinet decision, the PA has announced its objections to the decision.

From the PA’s perspective, anything that occurs around the Kosel and Har Habayis is its business as it views the area its future capital. The PA (Palestinian Authority) announced on Monday, 22 Shevat, that the egalitarian area is a violation of the Har Habayis status quo and it objects to the Israeli cabinet decision.

Waqf & Religious Affairs Minister Sheikh Yousef Adeis warned on Monday the PA views the decision as part of Israel’s ongoing process to undermine al-Aqsa Mosque and to “Judaize” the Old City of Yerushalayim. He detailed that the Kosel is an integral portion of Har Habayis, which is holy to Islam and this is all part of the occupation which began in 1967.

According to officials, the new egalitarian prayer area, south of the Kosel near Robinson’s Arch, will be operational in the coming months. The new area will be 900 square meters.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. That’s great! Since Israel listens to the Arabs more then the chareidim maybe now they will stop giving into these insane women. If they are all women why do they need mixed prayers

  2. thanks to moshe dayan
    for giving back the keys to
    we have no right to one inch back
    and we should tell pa to go back to trans jordan

  3. It’s a shame that the PA has to stand up for the kedusha of the site. Let this be a lesson to all the reform and conservatives trying so hard to go against the Torah. At the end, your enemy will have to show you the right way.

  4. good for the Arab sheik, now mabe the eida charadis will get together with him to protest them and give them a piece of the kotel closer to Tel Aviv….

  5. According to the PA, every section of sidewalk that is repaired, every building that is built, every Jewish baby that is born in E.Y. is “a violation of the Har Habayis status quo …”

  6. Shame on the frum people in the government who agreed to this. It’s the two footed chayos that need to show Jews that WoW doesn’t belong their?!

    Why is it that this was not protested by frum Jews? This is a huge chillul Hashem. These Reformers cannot “pray” anywhere in the Kosel vicinity. There should never be a compromise or agreement with these people.

    And what do they need to pray for anyway if the don’t believe in God?! Hypocrites!

  7. Wait, so now we have the right to dictate to them how they should conduct their prayers on the other side of the wall? I’m not defending the mixed service on our side but isn’t their view hypocritical? No I don’t expect more from them but I just laugh at the sheer audacity of this protest.

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