50 Religious IDF Soldiers Ordered to Shave by Sunday


idffThe tumult surrounding a new IDF regulation compelling many religious soldiers to shave their beards has dropped from the main news, but the issue still remains problematic. Some 50 soldiers serving in the Tel Nof air force base have been instructed to shave by Sunday, 10 Adar-II.

The story begins with 100 soldiers complaining that none of them were given permission to maintain a beard for religious reasons. As a result, their requests were reexamined. Fifty were given permission and the others instructed to shave by Sunday.

Kol Berama Radio contacted the IDF on the matter. The radio station was told the military weighs all requests from soldiers to keep a beard, taking recommendations from rabbonim and commanders into consideration. Their requests are still being contemplated and a final determination has yet to be made. A soldier also has the right to appeal the decision.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. the shmad continues, my alter zaide kept his beard while under the oppressive czar, surely these Yidden can overcome atheist Hellenists.

  2. And that is why, even as I support Jews defending themselves, Chareidim should not serve in the Israeli army that is rotten with atheism, immorality, and liberalism.