For the First Time Ever – Nationally Acclaimed Master Chef Yonatan Roshfeld will Prepare Kosher LeMehadrin Meals



Up until now the hareidi public could only salivate thinking about the culinary expertise of the renowned chef, Yonatan Roshfeld, since his exclusive restaurants famous for his exquisite cuisine were off limits for anyone who eats only kosher lemehadrin food.. Now, for the first time, hundreds of hareidi families will be able to enjoy Pesach feasts, kosher lemehadrin, prepared by Yonatan Roshfeld himself, this coming Pesach in a 5 star hotel resort in Greece.

The Resort creta Palace will be the center of attention this Pesach as the master himself, Yonatan Roshfeld, will not only conduct and advise the staff on how to prepare cullinary treats, but he and his own gifted staff, among them the noted confectioner, Edan Hadad, will be guests at the hotel resort and will personally plan each and every meal and prepare them to perfection as only Yonatan Roshfeld knows how. “He personally will decide on each tomato and each and every vegetable that will be allowed to enter the hotel’s kichen,”says Rabbi Moshe Friedman of Perla Luxury in Antwerp, the entrepreneur and initiator of this project on the Greecian shore. For the first time ever the hareidi connoisseurs will be able to enjoy the magnificent feasts prepared to perfection by this outstanding chef. We will also pamper and spoil our guests beyond their imagination.” The hotel rests on the Greecian shore, is nearby the Old City, and houses indoor and outdoor pools with all the other expectations of a 5 star exclusive hotel resort.

IMG_7687When one eats in an exclusive restaurant owned and run by Yonatan Roshfeld, he is aware that he will have to part from a considerable sum in return for the culinary experience which is well worth the price however hareidim have this rare chance of enjoying a Pesach retreat in Greece with meals of the highest cullinary expertise being served throughout the holiday for a mere NIS 18,000. This price includes air fare from

Israel and back Reservations may be made in

Rabbi Friedman adds that this is a one-time chance to enjoy the best there is to offer in culinary expertise throughout the Pesach holiday.