Is the IDF Soldier Who Shot and Killed a Wounded Terrorist in Hebron Being Turned into a Scapegoat?


ywnisrael.israelLast week, during a terror attack near Admat Yishai in Hebron on Purim morning,  an IDF soldier was wounded in a hand and shoulder. After the terrorist was shot and wounded, a soldier who arrived on the scene fired at his head, killing him, as seen in the video. In the second video one hears the shouts of rescuers explaining “the terrorist dog is still alive” and “we cannot treat him for it appears he has a bomb on him”. This would indicate the soldier who fired feared the terrorist might be able to detonate an explosive device and this may have compelled him to fire at his head to make sure he was dead.

The soldier’s actions were videoed (first video) by an Arab activist working with the left-wing B’Tselem human rights organization to show the soldier executed the terrorist without justification. This edited video omits the audio portion that expresses fears the terrorist may be armed with a bomb. It simply shows a soldier executing a wounded terrorist.

While family members have released statements to the press in support of their sibling and son, the political community did not waste time condemning to once again seek the approval of the international community. Among those issuing condemnatory statements was Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, who did not wait for a trial, preferring to decide the soldier who fired at a terrorist who seconds earlier tried to murder terrorists and who possibly or likely had a bomb on his body.

PM Netanyahu said “What happened today in Hebron does not represent the values of the IDF. The IDF expects its soldiers to behave level-headedly and in accordance with the rules of engagement.”

The soldier remains in jail, and not permitted to receive visitors. MK Avigdor Lieberman who heads the Yisrael Beitenu party was denied a request to meet with the soldier.

Video showing the terrorist being shot in his head

In this video in which we hear “It appears he has a bomb on him” and “the terrorist dog appears to still be alive”


(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. These idiots who are supposed to be leading this country don’t know the difference between “Arur Haman” and “Baruch Mordeachai”

  2. Surprise surprise this great glorious government is at it again. Wow such care for human rights. Im so impressed. I mean how can you not stand up for this poor terroris, all he was trying to do was go murder some innocent people. Whats wrong with that? It happens all the time in Israel. It’s part of the game. How dare this dispicable soldior shoot him? Lock him up! And lock up all the terrorist killers! No terrorist should ever have to fear for their life while do something so innocent as attempting to murder Israelis!

  3. There were reports that the terrorist was wearing a long sleeved heavy jacket with a bulge in it that the soldiers thought may have been a bomb. It happened to be 88 degrees there that day. Hopefully, this will help exonorate the soldier who acted quickly and correctly.

  4. I can’t believe that the Israeli politicians really think it wasn’t the proper and responsible thing to do. They’re just playing along with the extremely anti-semitic international community.

  5. The Zionists’ #1 concern, far above all else, is “normalizing” the Jewish people, which includes needing the Nations of the world to love the Zionist usurpers of the holy Jewish nation.

    This is, of course, opposed to, liHavdil, Judaism, which holds Jewish life to be of paramount importance, never mind the myriad other halachic problems of Zionism.