Muslims Setting the Stage for Har Habayis Violence on Pesach


hhaMuslims are already setting the stage for confrontations surrounding Har Habayis on Pesach chas v’sholom. The head of the Fatah Tanzim in Jerusalem told Israel Radio “al-Aqsa is the red line for us and we will not sit by and do nothing”.

He pointed the finger of blame at Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and his administration, warning that permitting Jews to visit Har Habayis is viewed as a provocation and it will not be tolerated during the upcoming holiday, referring to Pesach.

Interestingly, in a recent briefing to the cabinet a senior ISA (Israel Security Agency – Shin Bet) official explain that he is not certain that the recent drop in the number of terror attacks is nothing more than the quiet before the storm and based on the words of the Tanzim leader and mufti, it may be a stormy Pesach on Har Habayis if Jewish visitation is permitted as expected.

The Tanzim leader was adamant in his words, stating the site is holy to Islam and the Jews have no business on Har Habayis. He warned the Prime Minister and others that the Islamic community will not simply sit back and watch as Jews provoke them by visiting Har Habayis.

His words are echoed by the PA (Palestinian Authority) so-called Mufti of Jerusalem, who warns Jews visiting Har Habayis will be viewed as a serious act that will be met with a Muslim response.

Gedolei Yisrael over the generations and the Chief Rabbinate of Israel prohibit visiting Har Habayis.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Such a chilul hashem all these mizrachim and modo`s going on to har habayis. Why do they go? They can`t daven or see any keilim or remnants of the beis hamikdash. Just sight seeing in a place that provokes so much violence/anger is childish. I know the arabs will find another reason for violence so I`m not blaming all the violence on this but maybe the public issur de`oraisa/kareis is what`s arousing the eibeshters wrath. I also don`t understand, if there are protests against public chilul Shabbos why aren`t there public protests against this public issur kareis. I know s/o might answer that they have a poseik who`s matir, but let`s be honest 99% of all poskim are vehemently against it and assur it lachlutin.

  2. We must establish soveirnty on Har HaBayit. This isnt about to go or nit to go but an issur of Hillul Hashem being allowed. If we remain weak on his issue then whats to stop a claim to the kotel, or should I say the wall of Al-Buraq as many Muslims already call it. Why are we so quick to go and fight Weemen of the wall (not that we shouldnt neccisarily) but when the bug bad arabs step up we cant answer with the same zrizut. I live amongst arabs and have gotten to know more than a few since moving to Eretz HaQodesh and they will tell you the weakness of our policies is what invites vuolence. When they see a meager group on HarHaBayit the MEAGERNESS of the group is what encourges them, they see the strong are few.