Rabbi Pinto Scheduled To Be Out Of Prison For Wedding And Pesach Seder


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pintoThe Lod Magistrate Court on Monday 10 Nissan approved to permit Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto to participate in his brothers’ chasunah on erev Pesach. As such, he will most likely be permitted to remain out of prison on Shabbos, which permits him to remain out of prison for seder.

The chasunah will take place on Friday at 17:00. In order to avoid Chilul Shabbos, he is permitted to remain out of prison until after Shabbos.

Israel Prison Authority officials believed the timing of the chasunah is not coincidental, but rather designed to permit the rabbi to be out of jail for seder night.

Rabbi Pinto is serving a one-year prison term as per a plea agreement he signed with the prosecution.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. timing of the chasunah is not coincidental Being the absolute very last chance to make a Chasunoh then for over an entire month, until Lag b’Omer.
    Please explain how they handle two Kossos for Sheva Berochos in realm of Arba Kossos?