NYPD: 4 More Boys Arrested in Torching Of Crown Heights Jewish School Bus Fire


20160508160233Officials say four more boys have been arrested for allegedly setting fire to a Jewish school bus in Brooklyn.

The New York Police Department says two of the boys are 14 years old, one is 12 and the fourth is 11.

They were arrested Thursday and charged as juveniles with arson and criminal mischief as a hate crime.

An 11-year-old boy already was charged in connection with the Sunday evening blaze.

Police say surveillance video showed a group of boys running off the bus as it catches on fire.

The bus belonged to the Bnos Chomesh Academy, a girls’ high school in Brooklyn’s Crown Heights. It’s a neighborhood where tensions between the Jewish and black communities living side-by-side spurred riots in 1991.

The investigation is continuing.

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