PHOTOS: El Al Flight 001 To NYC Made An Emergency Landing In Norway Due To A Medical Emergency On Board


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An El Al flight 001 traveling from Ben-Gurion International Airport to New York City’s JKF International Airport was compelled to make an unscheduled landing in Norway due to a medical emergency on board the flight.

Reports signaled the flight would be arriving in New York on Friday afternoon at about 2:00PM.

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(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem/Photos: Media Resource Group)


  1. Not a word mentioned about the קידוש ה that I Chasidisha orthodox Hatzalah Jew provided patient care. But you can read that on the non-Jewish publications, it’s there. Rest assured had this been a negative episode against frum orthodox Jewish guy that would have been the headlines!

  2. You know it just occured to me, people always switch Ginger-Ale to Ginger-Kel so why not say Kel-Al instead of El-Al?

    Also I wonder if they offer passengers h-ellal meat.

  3. Big A: Whoever says Ginger-kel is foolish, does he also say el kel lo yoshia or va’avaditem elokim acherim?
    Ant way here the word is El with a segol meaning to, al; the above.