Chief Rabbinate Of Israel Legal Expert Calls To Internalize High Court’s Criticism


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1Chief Rabbinate of Israel legal advisor Harel Goldberg calls on Director-General Moshe Dagan to heed the words of the High Court of Justice in its recent ruling backing the Chief Rabbinate’s state-run kashrus network.

While the court in its ruling earlier this week gave backing to the position of the Chief Rabbinate, it stated the ruling in no way reflects the court’s approval for the Chief Rabbinate operation, stipulating the ruling is valid for two years only. If the Rabbinate has not made necessary changes in this period of time, then the court will once again address the matter of private hashgachos.

Attorney Goldberg feels the Chief Rabbinate needs to be more sensitive to public opinion of the state-run kashrus, which today is quite low. He urges Dagan to take the words of the High Court’s justices to heart and to begin ordering a revamping of the system towards creating a more efficient body.

Goldberg explains that if the Rabbinate fails to begin acting and working to change public opinion, acting immediately, it is not unlikely that those wishing to challenge the state-run kashrus will seek to appeal the verdict by requesting another High Court hearing before an expanded panel of justices.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)