Rav David Yosef Calls On The Chief Rabbinate Of Israel To Cancel Rabbi Shai Piron’s Authorization To Conduct A Chupah


dyoAfter the recent report in which Rabbi Shai Piron was mesader keddushin at a chupah in which the chosson and kallah recited the sheva brachos under the chupah, Rabbi David Yosef Shlita, a member of Shas’ Moetzas Gedolei Yisrael, calls to disqualify the former Education Minister’s authorization to conduct a chupah.

During a shiur on Sunday, Shavuos, Rav Yosef explained unfortunately today there are people who are not true to Chazal and “they begin to forge and here and there they ‘fix’ divrei Chazal and speak critically of Chazal and we must denounce them”.

Rabbi Yosef calls on the Chief Rabbinate of Israel to disqualify Rabbi Piron’s authorization to conduct a chupah as well as to disqualify his title of rav. Rabbi Yosef adds “The wish to show they are liberal and progressive. They trample the Torah and they go against the Torah and Chazal and they are not loyal to our traditions of generations. They started the Reform, mocked the words of Chazal and eventually became kofrim within a generation and they reach these circles too”.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Under Jewish law, there is no requirement that a government official “conduct” a hupah. The idea entered Israeli law based on British and European law, which is based on Canon (Christian) law which requried an ordained priest to have a valid wedding. There is no equivalent in Jewish law. Arugably, requiring an approved “cleric” to conduct a wedding is avodah zarah.

  2. It is only a legal way to avoid those who shouldn’t be giving chupa vekidushin officiating. Unfortunately ein yodeinu takifo to remove those who try to push the boundaries of acceptabilty from Klal yisroel

  3. “Arugably, requiring an approved “cleric” to conduct a wedding is avodah zarah.”

    Kul sheaino yodeai btiv gittin ukidushin….. typically those who are, are Rabbonim. Chazal also dont want unlearned people, whether they have a title or not, getting involved in these things.