Hikind Attends Yeshiva Educational Expo Showcasing Students’ Projects on Secular Studies



Assemblyman Dov Hikind (D-Brooklyn) attended the first annual Yeshiva Educational Expo at P.S. 180 on Sunday where several yeshivas—Krasna, Ohr Moshe, Vien, Spinka and Mevakshai Hashem—gathered to celebrate the hard work and dedication of countless yeshiva students on their secular studies projects.

Over the past year, hundreds of students from a variety of yeshivas worked on projects based on topics of secular studies ranging from geography to history and science during the academic year, in which Assemblyman Dov Hikind saw firsthand the students’ dedication and understanding of classroom lessons through numerous yeshiva visits.

“I’m so proud of the hard work and dedication of the thousands of yeshiva students within our community,” Assemblyman Hikind said, while also praising the Kossover rebbe for his contributions to the expo and strength he continues to provide to the community. “I was blown away by the creativity put into these projects; they were absolutely amazing. Not only are these projects representative of what schools within our community are learning, but symbolic of what thousands of schools all over the country are doing, and I’m honored to celebrate the academic merit of students here in our community.”

Assemblyman Hikind concluded the expo with handing out awards for the participating yeshivas and their students in recognition of scholastic excellence throughout the school year.

Hikind added, “There has been no greater joy than seeing the children’s faces light up with excitement, and I’m so thrilled that parents were able to come out to show their support. I want to thank all of the participating yeshivas for arranging, and inviting me to this beautiful event.

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(YWN Desk – NYC)