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Levaya Details for Terror Victim Hallel Yafeh Ariel HYD

6The levaya of terror victim Hallel Yafeh Ariel HY”D, who was murdered when a terrorist entered her home in the Charsina neighborhood in Kiryat Arba Thursday morning, will begin from the family home at 6:00PM. Hallel was asleep in her bed her mom told the media, stabbed multiple times by the 17-year-old Muslim terrorist. The stab wounds damaged internal organs and despite the tenacity of the paramedics and trauma surgeons in Shaare Zedek, she did not recover.

The levaya will begin at the site of the 24 Sivan morning attack and make its way to the Hebron Cemetery. She is being laid to rest next the kever of her father’s first wife, who died of a severe illness.

Eyal Gellman, the security officer of Kiryat Arba and a member of the first response team told Walla News “Her father, Amichai, knew she had been killed and he did not want to leave the house”.

He said “Amichai and two first response members were first into the home. The terrorist lunged at them and Shuki Gilboa was stabbed”. Gellman adds he saw Hallel on the bed in pajamas and the stab wounds were visible, “from every possible angle” he added. CPR was started and they then transported to the hospital.

Gellman explains that as they were still trying to neutralize the terrorist, Gilboa was hit by gunfire and wounded, seriously. “At first we believed the house was locked” stated Gellman, continuing “They engaged him [the terrorist] and fought like lions as clearly the terrorist was going to head to the school [which is next door]. It was a fight to the death. We had no choice but to open fire immediately even though Shuki was hit by the gunfire”.

Commenting on the latest terror attack, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said, “The horrifying murder of a young girl in her bed underscores the bloodlust and inhumanity of the incitement-driven terrorists that we are facing.

“The entire nation deeply identifies with the family’s pain and declares to the murderers: You will not break us. We will continue to take strong and determined action against terrorism everywhere and at all times. The entire world needs to condemn this murder just as it condemned the terrorist attacks in Orlando and Brussels. I expect the Palestinian leadership to clearly and unequivocally condemn this vicious murder and take immediate action to stop the incitement.

“Enlightened nations must join in this demand. They must pressure the one who heads the network of incitement that leads to the murder of children in their beds and not the State of Israel, which is working to protect its children and its citizens.”

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem/Photo: Hatzalah Yosh)

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  1. Antisemites, of course, will insist that it’s Israel’s fault, for supposedly “occupying Palestinian land.” Even if that were true, the world would never accept such behavior anywhere else in the world. But when it’s Israel being terrorized, blaming the victim is accepted and even expected.

  2. BDE HY”D

    It’s about time to put the blame squarely on the one responsible; the High Court who refuses permission to kill terrorists BEFORE they come and kill you. There should be daily protests in front of the High Court for their irresponsible behavior and absurdity of neutralizing and saving terrorists’ lives. The protests should continue daily until they agree that as soon as an Arab come close and possess any kind of weapons, they should be shot dead on the spot. That’s what a civilized country would do.

  3. BDE

    This is the 9th Horrific innocent child/infant to be niftar just in the last month alone.

    other niftarim include:

    1)Shimon Yisroel Meisels-son of Yoel Yaakov of Williamsburg-fell through a 5th floor window-June 1 2016-5

    2)Shimon Yochai Lasri-son of Rabbi Michael of Bnei Brak-Drowned in Ashdod-June 10 2016-21

    3)Moshe Matanel-son of Yaakov Michoel Emanuel of Israel-Critically injured in MVA & then Niftar -June 15 2016-

    4)Rivka Wasserman-of New York-Jumped into the water from the George Washington Bridge to her death-June 21 2016 -28

    5)Jadyn Larky-daughter of Dr. Howard and Liza Yarov of Bexley Ohio-killed by fallen tree hit by Lightning in sleepaway camp in Indiana-June 21 2016-11

    6)Child-of Chura Israel-Left in a heated car together with brother & went into Cardiac arrest-June 25 2016-2

    7)Child-of Chura Israel-Left in a heated car together with brother & went into Cardiac arrest-June 25 2016-1

    8)Yosef Chaim Grady-of Lakewood-went through many years of illness-June 28 2016-27

    will this tragedy be the final one? will we finally wake up & do TESHUVA together as a nation? YOU in the gift of free-will get to decide that. i.e. theres no one to blame but ourselves-myself included

    may her neshama have an aliya
    may her family have a nechama together with klal yisroel

  4. I wonder Mr. Tough-guy, Avigdor Lieberman is going to do about this?
    Answer: NOTHING!
    He is just like Ya’alon and all the pacifists before him!

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