Hikind Issues Statement on Trump Asking For Apology


trAssemblyman Hikind issued the following statement on Donald Trump prior to him speaking at the final day of the Republican National Convention.

“Over the past year, Donald Trump has, too often, indulged in a behavior that has embarrassed us all. Whether it be insulting the wives of presidential candidates on their appearances or degrading those with physical disabilities, Americans nationwide have grown disgusted with Trump’s reprehensible behavior.

Even still, Hillary Clinton isn’t an option and as a result, we are left with Trump.

As I try to wrap my mind around supporting someone who has continued to maliciously attack and malign so many, a simple apology from Trump would go a long way in making it easier to support him.

By not acknowledging your mistakes, Donald, you are only reinforcing the very behavior people have grown so disgusted with. Realize that you have the potential to be the next President of the United States.

Please do the right thing. Show us that you can acknowledge your mistakes, so that we can believe in you more and move forward as a country. Just say ‘I’m sorry.'”

(YWN Desk – NYC)


  1. Sorry Dov, I completely disagree, insults alone would be welcome. He is a menuvel, an adulterer, at least as big a liar as Hillary is made out to be and a thief who has stiffed contractors and those who attended his “university”. Having to ask him to behave like a mensch is proof enough that he does not have the proper temperament to be a leader.

  2. Headline is confusing. It looks like Trump asked for an apology and Hikind issued a statement regarding that. Should have a comma after Trump.

  3. So Dov would like to support Trump but finds that Trump must first apologize for so many of the obnoxious thing he, Trump has said? A Trump apology is not worth the paper it is not written on.

    But, more to the point, why would Hikind want to vote for Trump?

  4. First off he should not apologize the one thing that makes him who he is,is that hes not a polotician and doesnt masquerade what hes thinking which is probably the one good quality he has. Second most poloticians thinkbthe same way he does and talk the same way in private and just twofaced to the public. Third why doesnt hillary need to apologize? She lied to the entire country. Fourth sorry dov but i think you may hokd yourself with a little more imoortance than everyone else does. Even if somehow trump does actually hear what you said his first question will be who is that? So while your words may hokd water here i dont think he cares if you support him…ny state is hillarys anyways.

  5. Mr Hikind – an apology from Donald Trump insinuates wrong doing and It is Hillary Clinton who is anti Israel not Trump. At this rate, all the Jewish seeking apologists will have to apologize for much more after your political folly helps to elect Hillary and her policies will wreak irreparable danger to us all.

  6. Dov you really mistaking Trump. He is a first class obnoxious maniac. I will vote for Clinton because she at least understands the orthodox communities from her New Square days. she might be a liar but at least we know when she lies. Trump gets RED when he says the truth.
    He is a crazy sick maniac who managed to get to this point but at the end America will prove that not all voters are so absent minded.

  7. Dov Hikind is just looking to curry favor with Hillary Clinton. Hashem Yerachem if she (and Bill) get into the White House.

  8. Just like to know who in the Jewish constituency is talking to Hikind. Lots and lots of Hillary fans there for lots and lots of reasons.

  9. Dov;
    Google excerpts from J. Oppenheimer’s book State of the Union. See how Hillary hurls obscenities at Jews, disabled and black people in the foulest language.
    She & Obama are a Teflon pair that get away with murder. Quite literally.
    But as she’s probably say , ” What difference does it make?”

  10. Trump making fun of the reporters with the disability shows that people with disabilities can’t get away with making fun of the Trump!

  11. Trump is a dangerous person, he will do whatever he can to get his Attention, (nomination) he acts like a Teenager keeps trowing un-mature statements for Muslims, Jews, blacks, Mexicans, opponent candidates, alike,, he dose not fit to be any kind of a leader, i can’t understand how people even follow him its shameful, its only because of social media being navigated by Yong low life’s who have no any kind of work to do so from now on twitter Facebook and all this social media sites are the on who running the campaign by people who have no jobs or anything in their life’s but to follow MESHIGOIM that’s whats happening i hope there will be a candidate for whom to vote for but if not we will have to vote for Hilary if we want a quite Tomorrow……..