PA Working To Rebuild The Homes Of Terrorists


1Officials and residents of the PA (Palestinian Authority) village of Banei Naim near Hebron are working to rebuilt the home of terrorist Mohammed Tarayra, who murdered Kiryat Arba resident Hallel Yafeh Ariel HY”D while she slept in her bedroom.

According to the Palestine newspaper report, villages and town leaders have undertaken the project, committed to rebuild the home that was destroyed in part by Israel. Israel’s High Court of Justice banned the planned destruction of the entire home as the terrorist’s family petitioned the court on humanitarian grounds. The could only permitted the destruction of the second floor, facilitating the rebuilding project.

Similar campaigns to rebuild homes of terrorists are ongoing in other villages as well, including Tzurif and Bita. PA elected officials have expressed support for such actions as the PA often names squares after terrorists, whom the PA prefers to turn into heroes and martyrs for the children in the PA to emulate.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. The fact that High Court of Justice banned the destruction of the entire home since the terrorist’s family petitioned the court on humanitarian grounds, after the terrorist’s mother publically declared that she is proud of the fact that her son murdered Hallel Ariel HYD is highly disturbing to say the least. As far as I am concerned the proud mother should be killed immediately. However, since that would not be a realistic option for the State, the mother and any other proud family members should at the very least be expelled from Israel. Last I heard, the terrorist’s body was not going to be returned to the family. I think that Israel should chop up the body, mix it with a pig and dump it in the family’s back yard. The murder of Hallel Ariel HYD, a 13 year old girl, was a red line that was crossed and should have shaken up the State and caused everyone to go crazy and reassess the way Israel deals with Arab terror. While I very much want to take pride in the State of Israel and in the very many good things that the State does, when I hear about the State being soft with terrorists and their families and some other disturbing policies of the state, I start to think that perhaps the whole enterprise of the State is a failure and perhaps the Satmar opinion of the State is the correct one. I know that the SR felt that Zionism and the state is a violation of the three oaths and the punishment is that our flesh will be hefker; that Zionism and the state provoked the Arabs and caused the whole Arab terrorism problem. In reality, I think that if there was never a state or an IDF, the problems from the Arabs would be much worse than the present situation. Although Satmar argues that the State riled up the Arabs and that if there was never a state there certainly would have been some degree of problems from the Arabs, but not the current horrible high level of terrorism. At the same time, I think that even if the State was never established, Golus Yishmoel would have reared it’s ugly head sooner or later and that the current wave of terrorism was unavoidable. May Hashem help Am Yisroel and end Galus Yishmoel as soon as possible.