WATCH: Carl Paladino: Says Khizr Khan Is A Terrorist Sympathizer


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Alan Colmes vs Carl Paladino: Alan and Carl have a heated exchange over Khizir Khan and Muslim-connections to terrorism.


  1. To commenter no. 3, youtumah: Yes, I heard it. I don’t believe it. And misspelling Mr. Kahn’s as the Yiddish word for “pig” is childish and insulting.

    One of the falsehoods that Mr. Paladino stated was that Mr. Kahn represents Saudi Arabia. He worked for a law firm (Hogan and Hartson, of Washington, DC) as a technical consultant on litigation software, and after his employment with the firm ended, the firm merged with another firm that has represented Saudi Arabia, but Mr. Kahn had nothing to do with that. Stick to the facts, and don’t worry about pigs, except in your dinner.