Want a School That Will Bring Out the Best in Your Child?


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When your children wake up in the morning, do they jump out of bed excited about the school day ahead? When you walk through your children’s schools, do you notice joyful students, happy teachers and interactive lessons? If not, it’s time to seriously consider moving your family to Rochester, NY.

Derech HaTorah is Rochester’s Torah elementary school. It’s the school that leaves visitors wishing they lived in Rochester. It’s the school that makes parents whisper a silent tefilla of thanks when they think about how their children spend their days. It’s the school where you hear laughter and joy in the halls. It’s the school that focuses on skills and has the community’s Rosh HaYeshiva marveling at the level of the talmidim.

It’s the school where secular studies are taken seriously and students ace regents exams in 7th and 8th grade. It’s the school where bullying is never tolerated. It’s the school that you wish you could have attended as a child. When children grow up in a warm environment where they are loved and appreciated, they thrive and usually become very productive, successful adults.

When children’s talents are recognized and encouraged, they explore and develop them and creatively contribute to klal Yisrael. When children’s learning styles are met and they experience success in academics, their potential is limitless. When children live out-of-town, they are excited about life and new experiences and are eager to make new friends. When children attend Derech HaTorah of Rochester, they are treasured, challenged and eager to learn.

Intrigued? Don’t take our word for it. Call a friend in Rochester and you’ll get an even better testimonial. Or, best of all, come for a Shabbos – with your family

See our website www.TorahRochester.com for more details or contact us at [email protected] or 585-340-7143 to learn more or schedule a visit.