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Why Didn’t Moshe Feiglin Publish The Results Of An Internal Poll?

Moshe FeiglinAn internal poll was conducted a number of months ago by Magar Mochot headed by Prof. Yitzchak Katz for the Zehut (Identity) party headed by former MK Moshe Feiglin. The poll revealed that his party would earn 12-15 seats in an election, the dati leumi Srugim website now reveals. It is added that once the poll made the assumption the party would pass the minimum threshold to enter Knesset, it received 15 seats.

Srugim contacted Feiglin, who stated the poll surprised him as well, admitting he did not expect such a positive outcome. When asked why he preferred not to publish the results of the poll, Srugim writes “Feiglin responded candidly ‘the results were too good and there are times that the public lacks the tools to digest this surprise. We feared this might be the case that would result in a loss of credibility”.

Feiglin added he personally was not surprised, explaining for over a year he has been saying Lapid is heading to leadership and he is likely to be the next Prime Minister, adding “our challenge is not Netanyahu, not Bennett, but our challenge is Lapid”.

He was then asked if he would be part of a coalition headed by Lapid. Feiglin explains he is not ready to speak about a coalition at present, adding “I came to that conclusion a year and a half ago, that I view politics as an expression of a deep process, an in-depth process that says the division between Israeli society and the chareidim, the secular, left and right, are no longer relevant. The only field currently still in existence is Jewish identity and the only one there is Lapid. Lapid is currently identifying Israeli identity”.

Feiglin continues, “Since we are not in this court at present but only in the polls, while Lapid has been in the court for a long time, he is making off with the entire pot. Lapid however does not have accomplishments and successes but has been playing for a long time”.

What Feiglin finds more significant is that two-thirds of those polled indicating they would back his party don’t wear yarmulkes while 10% categorize themselves as being “chareidi”. An addition 10% of supporters voted for the Machane Tzioni party in the last elections. He adds that even Meretz supporters stop him on the street and applaud his decision to support medical marijuana. These stats are more important for Feiglin, signaling he has broken the sectoral barriers.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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