Stabbing Attack in Jerusalem’s Old City [UPDATED 8:12AM IL]



07:43AM IL: [PHOTOS & VIDEO IN EXTENDED ARTICLE] A stabbing attack occurred a few moments ago at the Herod’s Gate (Shar Perachim) to Jerusalem’s Old City. A number of people have been injured. the terrorist has been neutralized. More to follow.

7:53AM IL: UNITED HATZALAH: A female policeperson is in serious condition and her male partner is in moderate condition. They both sustained knife wounds to their upper torso and neck areas.

7:57AM IL: MAGEN DAVID ADOM: A male in his 40s and a female are both listed in serious condition with stab wounds to their upper bodies.

8:00AM IL: MDA SPOKESMAN ZAKI HELLER: Paramedics and EMTS are transporting the victims to the trauma unit of Shaare Zedek Hospital. One of them, a female about 19, is listed in serious condition. The second, a male about 45, is listed in moderate condition. They both sustained stab and knife wounds to their upper bodies.

It is reported the victims are regular police (blue uniforms) as opposed to border police (green uniforms) or Yassam commandos (grey uniforms).

The terrorist was shot and in serious condition.

8:12AM IL: POLICE SPOKESMAN SHABTAI GEVERCHIK: The terrorist followed the two officers on routine patrol from the Shar Shechem area to the Shar Perachim area, then attacking them from behind. They managed to draw their weapons and fire at him, wounding him seriously.






(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem/Photos: Media Resource Group)


  1. First off and most importantly, a refuah sheleima to the injured police officers b’soch she’ar cholei Yisrael.
    Secondly, I hope that the terrorist doesn’t die but rather survives to remain brain-damaged, maimed and in unremitting pain for life, non-functional and driving his family insane so that he serves as a constant reminder to his entire clan that rather than a(n imaginary) glorious, instant paradise, one risks facing a daily tortured, miserable existence, ruining the lives of the entire family. It is no less than he deserves for trying to kills or ruin the lives of others.