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Prosecution Appealing Parole Board Decision To Release Rabbi Pinto From Prison

The state is appealing last week’s parole board decisionpinto to release Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto from prison early due to his illness as he continues receiving chemotherapy for his cancer. The rabbi was serving a one-year sentence as a result of a plea bargain agreement and asked to be released after seven-months due to his declining health. He was expected to be released on Sunday, 22 Elul.

The state however was given until Sunday to appeal and it decided to exercise this right in the hope of blocking the rabbi’s early release. The appeal requests delaying his release until the decision on the appeal is rendered.

The state maintains that despite his health, the parole board did not give sufficient weight to the facts in the case, the severity of the crimes of which he was convicted, bribing a senior Israel Police official. The state adds the parole board simply ignored classified information it received and ruled to release the rabbi nevertheless.

The decision was made to honor the request to delay the rav’s release and a hearing on the appeal is scheduled for Monday, 23 Elul, at 10:00AM in the district court. That hearing will be heard by court President Justice Avraham Tal.

It is pointed out that if the rabbi emerges successful in the appeal, it is possible or likely the state will appeal again to the High Court of Justice, further delaying the rav release ahead of Rosh Hashanah.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

13 Responses

  1. A perfect example of Kedusha vs. Tumah!

    Another typical case in Israel of trumped up charges against an innocent person.

    And even – if according to their concoction and lies – he did bribe the officer, how is it that not one single person in Israel was ever charged with bribing an official and sitting behind bars? Yes, those who took bribe were convicted, but never was anyone charged for bribing. Another proof that this is nothing but cruelty and secular hatred of honest righteous Jews, tzaddikim gemurim.

  2. Pinto agreed to a plea bargain agreement with one year in jail to avoid a trial where he faced a considerably longer sentence if convicted. He acknowledged guilt and agree to serve his term. Now he suddenly seeks rachmanis notwithstanding his agreement. There are thousands of yidden sitting in jail in EY who also would like to be home with their families for yom tov. He deserves no special treatment.

  3. Ms. G #3 Rabbi Pinto shlit”a never acknowledged guilt. Where did you pick that baloney up from? Some secular anti-religious media, huh?

    Rabbi Pinto shlit”a is as innocent as can be. If only YOU can reach to a toenail of this tzaddik.

    Moderators Note: Just for the sake of accuracy, Rabbi Pinto DID admit guilt. Here is his own words where he admits everything – and adds that he is no longer a “Rav” and will no longer be found in the world. Perhaps you should read the following via Bichadrei:

    “אני מרגיש את עצמי פושע וכמה אנשים ירדו מהדת כי ראו רב נותן שוחד. אני לא רב יותר ואני אשלם על הטעות שלי. אני פרשתי מהחיים הציבוריים ואני לא רב ולא כלום עד שרגיש את עצמי ראוי וזה בטח לא יקרה בשנה – שנתיים הקרובות”.

    בדבריו בפני ועדת השחרורים בבית הסוהר איילון אמר הרב גם: “עשיתי את התורה קרדום לחפור בה שזה יותר גרוע משוחד. השתמשתי במעמד שלי כרב בקשר לכל הדברים. אני מתחרט אני מצטער ואני מרגיש שאני מאבד את הבריאות שלי. אני מתבייש מעצמי ובכל מה שעשיתי. לא דיברתי עם אף אחד בבית הסוהר”.

    “אני פרשתי, אני לא בכלום, לא תשמעו ממני ולא תראו אותי”, הצהיר הרב בפני ועדת השחרורים. “את הבושה והחרפה שלי שהם לא סתם אני לקחתי וריסקתי את כל חיי, פגמתי בכל דבר שהיה חשוב לי. אני אומר לועדה כמו שאמרתי לשופטת בראון, אני עומד בכל מילה שאני אומר ואני מתבייש במעשים שלי. התחרטתי מעומק הלב וישבתי עם העו”ס 50 פגישות. עברתי דבר דבר על הרמב”ם מה זה תשובה ואני עובד על עצמי. אין הרב פינטו אני יותר לא נמצא בעולם. אני עשיתי חרטה מעומק הלב והחרטה שלי יותר עמוקה והחרטה שלי עמוקה אני רוצה לחזור בתשובה”.

  4. Ms. G #3 If you were truly honest and G-d fearing you’d ask the above question: How is it that not one single person in Israel was ever charged with bribing an official and sitting behind bars? Obviously, you glow and thrive upon seeing innocent tzaddikim in jail. Hope you realize Rosh Hashanah is coming up. The way you judge others, that’s how Hashem judges you. As simple as that.

  5. Gadolhadorah – are you planning on pleading for Hashem’s special treatment these yamim noraim – for health, parnassah, nachas, and so on? Are you 100% sure that you deserve Hashem’s abundance with middas hadin or are you relying on some rachamim? I care about you and am concerned: I’d like to remind you of Hashem’s hanhaga of middah kinegged middah. Please think about it in general and especially this time of year. Did you by any chance say selichos last night including the repeatedly plea of yud-gimmel middos? If you’re seeking strict judgement for Rabbi Pinto even if he is guilty while asking rachmonus lifnim mishuras hadin for yourself, you have a serious problem there. Getting off a third of a sentence for good behavior is included in the penal system – for Rabbi Pinto and for other Yidden sitting in jail; it’s not special treatment. But being you’re asking for strict din for Rabbi Pinto, please, my dear sister – watch out! Make sure you have perfect kavannah for each bracha and every tefilla you say with no exception – and be doubly careful to have the right intent each time you say Hashem’s name. Never speak, hear or accept lashon hara and make sure every word you say is uncompromisingly true. Never EVER lose your temper or cause anyone anguish with your words (ona’as devarim) – not your husband, children, co-worker, anyone! Because if you want to judge others with middas hadin that’s how you’ll be judged and if so, you had better be perfect. If your username is true that you are the greatest woman of our generation, then you might feel secure being judged with strict din, but if you’re not 100% positive, then please rethink your stance towards Rabbi Pinto, even if he is a sinner. Aren’t we all?! I’m far from perfect and need lots of rachamim. Maybe you do, too. Please – it’s not too late! Let go of din and take up rachamim for your own sake!

  6. Gadol Hatorah. You’re sick. You don’t know and should never know what it’s like to go through kimo. How can you say such a cold unsympathetic thing? Maybe check your yichus man רחמנים ביישנים גומלי חסדים.

  7. To kollel life. The words that come out of your mouth belong in iran with the neturie karta. Mechuztiv to speak such words of choshive rav. You dont even call him rav in your begining statement. Continue learning in kollel…but remember dererch eretz kadma litorah your learning is worthless..

  8. To gadolhadora: We sincerely wish you a Refuah Shlaima.
    May you merit lots of happiness in the coming year.

    To the Moderators note: I do not trust this article from Bichadrei. We are missing loads of details.

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