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PM Netanyahu Issues An Apology To Bereaved Families

1In recent comments to the media, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu gave chizuk to the father of Sgt. Elor Azaria, who is in the midst of a manslaughter trial for firing at a wounded neutralized terrorist who just stabbed a fellow soldier. His remarks led some to believe that he was making a comparison between Azaria and bereaved families; those who lost their loved ones in terror attacks or fallen in line in the IDF or another security agency.

He explained on his Facebook page that he knows the pain of the bereaved families, and there is no pain that compares to this, apologizing if his earlier remarks were misunderstood.

Prior to leaving for the UN General Assembly he phoned Mr. Azariya, commenting to the press “I phoned Mr. Azariya just as I phone parents of soldiers killed or missing in action”. This statement was interpreted by some as an unacceptable comparison.

Not missing a beat, former PM Ehud Barak used his Facebook page to respond, stating “Whoever compares Elor Azaria to courageous soldiers of Israel and to the missing fighters is confused has lost the last of his judgment or G-d forbid decided to try and ruin the values of the IDF. This must not be permitted. A ruling Prime Minister that does issue retraction is talking nonsense and carries the stigma of one who has forgotten what it is like to be a fighter in the IDF”.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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