A Message from Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on the Passing of Israel’s Ninth President, Shimon Peres



PM Netanyahu Statement on the Passing of Shimon Peres

“We grieve today for the passing of our dear and beloved Shimon Peres.
Shimon devoted his life to our nation and to the pursuit of peace.
He set his gaze on the future.
He did so much to protect our people.
He worked to his last days for peace and a better future for all.
As Israel’s President, Shimon did so much to unite the nation.
And the nation loved him for it.
Few people contributed as much to our people and to our state.

I first met Shimon 40 years ago at the graveside of my brother Yoni, who fell leading his men to rescue our hostages in Entebbe in Uganda.

I will never forget the warmth Shimon showed me, my brother and my parents in our great moment of grief.

Just a few days ago at the UN, I wished Shimon a speedy recovery from the hearts of all Israelis and so many around the world.

We all prayed that Shimon, with his unique strength, his unique vigor would somehow come out of this, would somehow come back to us.

To my deep sorrow, this prayer was not answered.
Now Shimon Peres has departed from us.
But he will never depart from our hearts and from our memories.

His name will be forever engraved in the story of the rebirth of the Jewish people, as one of our great leaders, as one of the founding fathers of the State of Israel.”

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)