FBI Identifies Two Men Who Removed Undetonated Bomb In Manhattan As ‘Egyptian Pilots’; They Have Left The United States


fbiTwo men seen removing an unexploded bomb from a suitcase left on the street by the Chelsea bomber have been identified by the FBI.

Officials say the pair are both Egyptian pilots who have since left the U.S., presumably to return to Egypt. Their names have not yet been made public.

The men had been seen on surveillance video removing the bomb from luggage on West 27th Street, Manhattan, at around 8pm on the night of the Chlsea bombing attack on September 17.

They dumped the pressure cooker explosive on the street – which was soon discovered by local New Yorkers who reported it to the police. The men made off with the case.

FBI officials previously said that the two men were not considered suspects, but said that agents were keen to speak to them.

They released surveillance footage still of the men in the hope of tracking down but the fact that they has not come forward to law enforcement is raising suspicions.

The agency has now identified the two men, who are no longer in the U.S., but have not yet released their names.

No further information has been released.