Obama Says Progress Ends if Trump Wins


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obtrPresident Barack Obama is saying that all of America’s progress under his administration over the last eight years “goes out the window” if voters elect Donald Trump.

Obama is holding a rally Friday for Hillary Clinton in Cleveland. He’s urging Ohio Democrats to cast their votes now, with early voting under way in the state.

The president said America is better than Trump’s remarks about women, minorities and other groups. He said you don’t have to be a husband or father to know his comments about how he treats women are “not right.” He said you just have to be a decent human being.

Obama was interrupted briefly by a pro-Trump protester shouting about Bill Clinton and his allegations. Obama suggested the protester may have been paid to be at the rally.



  1. What exactly is the “progress” of your administration , Mr. President? Voting for Hillary continues his empty progress!!!! What country needs is a NEW direction , away for the very weak status quo of the Obama years…..

  2. all the “progress” will go out the window?? wow thats great! just another reason to vote for trump. just to reverse some of the calamity this guy has brought like obamacare

  3. Progress;
    Insurance companies fleeing Obamacare like a bat out of heck. Small businesses who will only hire part time workers to avoid Obamacare penalties. Jobs and new businesses in doldrums, intrusion of government into our lives, class and race baiting and corruption of the hallowed FBI. So you want to be succeeded by a corrupt, evil, psychopathic liar with innocent American blood on her hands who wants open borders which will flood even our Jewish communities , and has contempt for every voting bloc.
    It’s all over, if this gangstress gets in.

  4. Yes I agreed for once with obumma, Progress will stop; that means the Progressive agenda to destroy America and make it a subsidiary of the USSR. obumma go to Arzazel and take hillary with you,