WATCH: HaYovel – Shlomo Kashi: Among The Paratroopers Who Liberated The Kosel


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Shlomo was one of the paratroopers that were the first to enter the Old City of Jerusalem in 1967. His brigade were the ones to liberate Har Habayis and the Kosel in the famous war that returned Yerushalayim, Yehuda and Shomron to Israel.

This is an incredible story that has never been told – until now. You will be with Shlomo as he walks through Lion’s Gate, which he has not entered in almost 39 years, and in places in Jerusalem that he has never been. Relive the moment when he called his father to tell him that they had liberated the Temple Mount and Kotel. Feel the emotion with Shlomo as he steps back in time to the War of 1967.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)