Two Israeli Arabs Admit To Starting Fires In Northern Israel


010Police participating in a special cabinet meeting on Sunday, 26 Cheshvan, informed ministers that two Israeli Arab residents of from Dir Hana and Um el-Fahm admitted to starting fires.

These are the first suspects to admit to arson in the recent fires that left a path of destruction in many Haifa neighborhoods along with dozens of other areas nationwide.

While property and infrastructure damage was significant, B’chasdei Hashem there was no loss of life and most of the injured only sustained light injuries.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Throughout history, arsonists were executed, due to tremendous danger they posed to life, property, and existence of society.
    During California riots, the then governor Ronald Regan gave the following orders to the National Guard: looters – shoot to disable, arsonists – shoot to kill. The unrest quickly died down, some of it – literally.
    Arresting rabid dogs doesn’t do much. Shooting on sight is a far better and safer solution.

  2. #1 Continue dreaming. Israel PM is no Trump. At best they’ll be in a revolving door jail for several weeks or ‘perhaps’ months and out they go for more terrorism after the UN or Obama will force Israel to release them.

  3. This alleged sort of arson is very serious. But, last I checked, Jews relied on judges and courts to convict and sentence people for committing crimes not news stories in the media. In other words, we must not rush to judgment.

    The umas ha’olam are not the problem, we are. Without Arabs and others attacking Israel we would likely be engaged in a civil war. In other words, because we are divided, we need outsiders to attack us.

    Also, Israel should use controlled burns to eliminate fuel (usually dry brush) that enables wild fires to burn in the first place. A serious news website would have focused on this critical point.

    But the is not a serious news website; it merely copies and pastes incendiary articles from the AP in the hopes of generating advertising revenue. I use uBlock origin on Firefox to eliminate almost all of the ads on the but frankly I’ve begun reading again because has descended into the muck and mire.