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A Baby Disappears In Shaare Zedek Only To Be Found With Another Mom

1Once again there was drama in Jerusalem’s Shaare Zedek Medical Center as an infant was missing for under a half hour.

On Sunday afternoon, a baby born to a Jerusalem couple disappeared among many babies in the hospital. After less than a half hour, the child was found in the hands of a woman, who was surprised to realize she was caring for a baby that was not hers.

Shaare Zedek officials report 20,000 babies are born in the hospital annually and security includes strict technological measures including computer monitoring and other signs used to prevent mixing up children.

While the search was ongoing the head of the department and deputy director of the hospital were summoned to calm the parents who child went missing.

Yediot Jerusalem reports it appears a check to determine whose child the lady was taking was not conducted properly and she took the incorrect baby from the nursery.

Hospital officials report the incident occurred in one of the five maternity wards in which there was 28 babies at the time. The missing baby was found within 17 minutes and the matter is under investigation, promising the required lessons will be learned to prevent a reoccurrence in the future.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. On other news sites in Israel, the reports said the mother who took the (Jewish) baby was an Arab, and the Jewish mother is insisting on blood tests for the baby and the Arab woman in case the Arab breastfed the baby during that time.

  2. This baby was found in the hand of an Arab woman. Mistake??? Just the other week an Arab posing as a doctor walked around the Shaare Tzedek hospital stealing belongings and sexually attacking new mothers.

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