IAF Drops Ten One Ton Bombs On ISIS Terrorists


iafFollowing the cross-border attack against Golani Brigade soldiers in the Golan Heights on Sunday, the Israel Air Force during the night retaliated, dropping ten one-ton bombs on an ISIS facility in Syria.

The attack was launched against an abandoned facility which was once used by United Nations forces, ten taken over and used by ISIS to attack Israeli forces across the border.

B’chasdei Hashem there were no injuries or loss of life on the Israeli side in the cross-border gunfire attack on Sunday.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Israel should use the opportunity of so much bombing going on against Isis, to bomb all their enemies to their north, Hezbollah etc. get rid of the now, before they attack Israel.

  2. Now that Bambi is going to be ירעה עד שיסתאב is the perfect time to wipe them off איין מאל פאר אלע מאל. Let them get their 70 in whatever world they think they’re getting!