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60-Year-Old Chareidi Woman Jailed Erroneously For A Year

prisonA 60-year-old chareidi woman from Netivot was jailed for a year after her daughter accused her of hitting her. After holes were found in the state’s case and actions of police, she was released. She filed a NIS 2.5 lawsuit against the state.

It has been learned the woman’s eldest daughter wounded herself and blamed those wounds on her mom. Only after the woman was in jail for a year did the state pass some of its evidence to the woman’s defense attorney, who found issues with the evidence and this led to the woman’s release.

The woman was left alone as her family did not believe her, abandoning abandon her when she was sent to prison. She explains her lawsuit, citing “When I was arrested and then sent to prison, I was married and had a wonderful daughter, intelligent, never getting less than a 95 in school”. Now, she explains to Channel 2 News, “While she had a mental issue, she functioned fine and could lead a full life”.

“After I was arrested, with any reason jailed for an entire year, my husband gave me a ‘get’ and my daughter’s condition deteriorated significantly and she was hospitalized a number of times. I do not work today. I am a psychologist but cannot find work because of my age. I have nothing to eat and simply leave on hand outs unfortunately”.

She adds “This is what Hashem wanted and I accept it with love. The state however was negligent and it is my daughter who paid the highest price. I am totally cut off from her as per an order from the state. I lost my entire life. I don’t even have electricity, not to mention money to pay for healthcare or any insurance. I simply do not receive medical care”.

The prosecutor now explains it did not object to handing over the medical records to the defense, explaining at the time they believed it was a social services case and turning over the files would have violated the daughter’s privacy and it was decided not to turn over the files unless ordered to do so by a court of law”.

Israel Police rejects any and all accusation of negligence, citing it was a very complex case which was escorted by the social services experts who were treating the girl at the time. After the material in the case was handed to the prosecution it was decided to move ahead with an indictment”.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. Not surprising at all as there are dozens and dozens of innocent people sitting in Israel’s jail to please some prosecutors and the radical judges in the Kangaroo Court.

    – “She filed a NIS 2.5 lawsuit” huh?
    – “as her family did not believe her, abandoning abandon her” huh?
    – “I was arrested, with any reason jailed” huh?
    – ” I have nothing to eat and simply leave on hand outs” huh?
    – and the last 2 paragraphs makes no sense.

  2. #4 It’s the Israeli judges who are very irresponsible. The police are doing whatever they think is right but it’s the judicial Sodomite court that got her into jail for a year.

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