Get Ready For Five Years Of Traffic: Aging Brooklyn-Queens Expressway to Get $1.7B in Repairs


bqeTransportation officials in New York City have announced plans to spend $1.7 billion to repair a one-and-a-half mile stretch of the aging Brooklyn-Queens Expressway.

The project is expected to be the most expensive ever undertaken by the New York City Department of Transportation.

Recent inspections have found that the much-maligned highway would require emergency repairs in the future without a major overhaul within the next decade.

NYCDOT Commissioner Polly Trottenberg says the BQE is one of the city’s most vital corridors, with roughly 140,000 vehicles traveling on the highway each day.

Transportation officials hope to keep lanes open during the repairs. Construction is expected to begin in two years.

City officials say it will take approximately five years to complete the project.



  1. they have been repairing this thing my entire life and it only gets worse every year, I guess some union dudes need jobs so that is why itll cost more than many city’s entire budget to “fix” this thing.

  2. 1.7 Billion $$$$ and 5 Years. for a 1.5 mile span CRAZY!!!

    The SYSTEM is RIGGED big time!!!!!

    Lets put it in perspective

    Verrazano Bridge
    Total length 13,700 feet (Over 2 Miles)
    Height 649.68 feet (198 m)
    Construction began August 13, 1959, and the upper deck was opened on November 21, 1964, at a cost of $320 million in 1964 dollars, equivalent to $2.45 billion in present dollars.

  3. The $1.7 billion project will focus on a heavily trafficked section of the expressway in Brooklyn between Atlantic Avenue and Sands Street, which includes a triple cantilever bridge structure resembling a concrete wedding cake. The three levels are stacked vertically, with each level supported on only one end. At the top is the Brooklyn Heights Promenade, a pedestrian walkway with panoramic views of the Manhattan skyline and New York Harbor. Below are two levels with three lanes of traffic to Queens in one direction, and three lanes to Staten Island in the other.

    NY Times

  4. The BQE is perpetually under repair. The union bosses know who to grease to ensure they always have plenty of jobs for the membership. Private enterprise would build the road right, the 1st time.