SHE LIED: Muslim Woman Arrested After Claiming Trump Supporters Attacked Her On NYC Subway


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The Muslim college student who claimed she was harassed and attacked on the subway by three men who shouted “Donald Trump,” called her a terrorist and attempted to rip her hijab off has admitted to NYPD detectives that she lied about the entire story.

Yasmin Seweid, a Baruch College student, initially reported to police that she boarded a uptown No. 6 train at East 23rd St. on Dec. 1 and was called a “terrorist” by three drunken young white men.

She also alleged that one of the men grabbed her bag and broke the strap.



  1. False accusations of “racism” & “harassment” have multiplied because of Obama/Holder’s creation of the myth called “hate crimes”. Can someone please explain to me the difference between a hate crime & a love crime? This hoax was created by the duo, to fan the flames of racial tensions. Divide and Conquer. Hate crimes ONLY applies when the alleged perpetrator is a WHITE and the so called “victim” is a minority. This has allowed the Liberals to beat down the dumb stupid gullible taxpaying white man. If Hillary would of been successful in stealing the election, us white folks would be paying reparations by the end of January.

  2. You can bet the Muslim-loving mayor will be silent. This liar should be expelled from school, not have a hope of ever getting any scholarship again (she probably managed to lie her way into one) & preferably, deported.