SHOCKING: Ukrainian Anti-Semites Deface Kever Of Rav Nachman In Uman With Pigs Head And Blood


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Jews in Uman were horrified to find the grave of Rav Nachman of Breslav defaced by anti-semites.

People arriving at the Kever to Daven early Wednesday morning found blood smeared all over the Ohel / Bais Hamedrash.

The horror really struck, when they then found a pigs head placed on top of the Kever.

Police were quickly called, and the pigs head was tossed outside.

Photos of the bloody anti-semitic attack quickly made their way across social media, causing shock and disbelief, as the holy grave that tens of thousands of Jews travel to each year had been defaced in such a horrible manner.

There were no arrests made, and police were investigating.

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(Chaim Shapiro – YWN)


  1. As the false notion that world society has developed a sense of respect and acceptance of all types of religion and people, terrible things like this happen to remind us that no matter how “Comfortable” we feel in our society, we are still in GALUS. Make no mistake about it!

  2. All due respect to the Breslov and their revered Rabbi, but they get his body out of that hell hole country and re intern his body in Israel where he would for eternity get the respect he deserves. Jews should all leave that part of the world and stop spending their money there. Why enrich such hostile Jew hating animals.

  3. Not a problem…those mindless but well-meaning Breslov who rush to Uman every rosh Hashanah will be back next year to party with the chaser fleish and blood wiped clean until next time. Is there nothing that will convince them to bring their Rav back to a kever in EY among the many other gadolim and tzadikim who are interred among the hills of eretz hakodesh? Probably not…

  4. There’s a 24 hour presence of Jews in the tziyun. Not sure how there couldn’t be eyewitnesses. Thousands headed there for hanukah next week. Can’t move the kever. There’s thousands of Jews whose parnassa is dependent on uman. Many hotels etc

  5. @12786 Israel will not be anymore respectful. The anti religious government is capable of a lot worse. And besides Rabeinu Hakodosh requested to be buried in uman so moving him to Israel would be against his will.

  6. If we rebury Reb Nachman in Eretz Yisroel, then the mad dog Ukranians would desecrate all the Jewish graves. What option do we have?
    Unless we install cameras, a fence and a security guard.

  7. I don’t see that in E”Y the people have to much more respect not for kvurim (they are constantly unearthing diffrent ones) and even not for Butei Medrushim (ie Arad) So it looks like we are in Gulos where ever we are and will have to wait for Moshiach

  8. #8 – There is a 24hour presence inside the building, but this took place outdoors in freezing weather. The reason the kever cannot be moved is because the rebbe himself chose the place, and preferred it to Eretz Yisroel for his own reasons. Business considerations have nothing to do with it.

    To everyone who thinks the kever should be moved because to the actions of the antisemites, that is exactly what the antisemites want. The only consideration is what the rebbe wanted.

  9. Those who have no idea what they’re talking about should please keep quiet. Breslover chassidim have been wanting to move the kever for years. The Ukrainians won’t allow it.

  10. I believe Rebbe Nachman himself requested to be buried in Uman, he went there at the end of his life specifically to be buried there. It’s not a pashut inyan to move his kever.

  11. Rabbi Jacob Jungreis shli’ta once told me no Jew should ever visit the Ukraine as the earth is soaked in Jewish blood. He was right. Nothing has changed. As for keeping Uman alive with Jewish gelt – let the peasants starve.

  12. They have a heyday from the thousands of people that come there – it’s time to take him to Israel and all those people that have parnossa from the hotels food etc can do it in Israel as well

  13. #3 12786 You’re remark “re intern his body in Israel where he would for eternity” seems a bit apikorsic, after all “Ani maamin b’emunah sheleima shetiyeh techiyas hameisim”.

    Secondly, re-interning graves of tzaddikim to Israel is not as simple as you think, especially if this tzaddik requested to be buried there.

  14. To No.8 (aka RavNachman)

    Are you joking. If so its a sick joke. Yidden should do nothing to upset the status quo in Uman because it might result in some financial losses to a few operators of overprice hostels, air charter companies, catering services etc.??? Instead, just continue to subsidize the anti-semitim of Ukraine and daven and tanz amidst the chaser blood and fleish. Maybe we should instruct the Breslov “hazmat” suits rather than their tallis, tefillin and bekeshes

  15. #16 – the pig head was thrown inside the tziyun. just look at the very first picture of the article – upper left hand of the three.

    #22 – rebbe nachman ztl visited eretz yisrael and never asked to be moved to eretz yisrael after he had already decided to live his life out in uman and to be buried there. as far as the parnassa of breslever chasidim in uman. it would never be a question to any breslever for rebbe nachman ztl to be moved. you live your life according to what antisemites dictate?

    #17 – never heard of what you’re claiming because it’s not true. maybe there’s a few of the original breslever kehilla in jerusalem that have said such a thing.

  16. The time Rabbi Nachman passed away was probably not possible to go to Israel -I’m sure if he would know how horrible that place is with all the anti Semitism he would’ve agreed. There are gedolim to ask Rav Kanievsky Rav Steinmann

  17. Very reassuring to see the complainers out here in force , when there is the possibility to bash Breslov/Uman etc. Rebbe Nachman specifically moved to Uman , to be buried there , and instructed that Jews should come to his kever there after his petirah . This is how it is , and will stay . No mainstream Breslov leader has ever said otherwise .
    Thousands of Jews come every year to Uman to doven for Klal Yisrael , and not much else .
    When was the last time one of the complainers around here , ever took a trip from their comfort zones in the USA to say , Israel ( they won’t go to Uman , I imagine ) to just daven at the Mekomot HaKdoshim/Kivrei Tzaddikim , and return straight home ? And I have no doubt that the complainers around here , have much more financial resources than the average traveller to Uman .
    So , why not stop complaining about those who are doing some Mesirut Nefesh , and try a bit yourselves ?
    A frehlicher Channukah !

  18. A CHEREM, like the one issued on Spain, should be issued on Russia, Poland, and ALL of Europe! Let them taste their own medicine, a Europe without Jewish financial & moral support!

  19. The notion of going to Uman for Rosh Hashanah to be with their Rebbe is against everything Judaism stands for. Of course we learn the seforim of those who are dead and we daven by Kivrei Tzadikim. But we don’t go to a Kever (in blood soaked Ukraine of all places) for Yom Tov and call that “going with to be with my Rebbe for Yom Tov just like any Chasid”. That is Apikorses. You are not spending time with Rav Nachman because he is dead. You can’t get Hadracha from him because he is dead. This pilgrimage is an excuse to have a nice davening (which it probably is) with thousands of Yidden at best, or to party and dance to rap music, with thousands of Yidden at worse. The silent majority of Klal Yisrael is bullied into accepting this nonsense as “Elu V’Elu” and it’s not.

  20. To everyone screaming for his kever to be moved- he requested to be buried specifically there! Everyone knows that. He wanted to be near the cemetery of Jewish kedoshim (and kabbalistic reasons).

  21. To everyone spewing hate at other Jewish sects-what is wrong with you? There only reaction to this is anguish over the great desecration of one of our Tzaddikim.

  22. No one is hate at other Jewish sects. We are all just stating the simple truth. There can’t be so much anguish about this because it’s expected. This is what Ukrainians do. Have and always will .
    The real anguish is that you encourage people to go there which endangers people’s lives for no reason. The real anguish is that Breslov is constantly making up new things ( Now Shabbos Chanukah in Uman is the latest Minhag) and forcing us to accept it as normal. We are in anguish as you mock everything sacred to us – especially the importance of being guided by Das Torah which can’t ever happen from a dead person.